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Services regulations

I. General resolutions.

1. For the purposes of the present Regulations, terms written in capital letters will have the following meanings:

a. Redefine - – an entity providing services electronically, being a limited Liability Company under the name Redefine Sp. z o. o. headquartered in Warsaw at Stanów Zjednoczonych 61 A, registered in the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw. XIII Commercial Department of the National Court Register, under the number KRS: 0000287684, with the following NIP number: 701-00-87-331,

b. Regulations – the following regulations, drawn up on the basis of art. 8, sect. 1, pt. 1 of the Act from July 18th 2002 on the electronic provision of services (Journal of Laws from 2002, Nr 144, pos. 1204),
c. Service – each free services currently being provided electronically by Redefine, pursuant to the specifications included on the Portal,

d. Premium Service - a paid service entailing the possibility of using any Service, under the condition of possessing the relevant number of Points in one’s wallet,

e. Price list – each of the price lists regarding the individual Services, available in the Interface, in the payments module,

f. Fee – remuneration due to Redefine pursuant to the Price List, on account of the provision of the Premium Services,

g. Wallet - visible in the Interface, in the payment module - a virtual collection of Points, which the Client purchases, and with which he may pay for the Premium Service,

h. Wallet Top Up - transferring the minimum amount of PLN 10 to the Redefine Bank Account, indicated in the payment module,

i. Point – a virtual point visible in the Wallet, which may be purchased by the Client in the payment module, the value of 1 point amounts to PLN 1,

j. Client – an entity contracting Redefine to provide service, being a legal person, physical person, or organizational entity without legal personality, including a Consumer,

k. Consumer – a physical person who concludes an agreement (or on whose behalf an agreement is concluded) to provide service for purposes not directly associated with his/her business activity or occupation,

l. Website – the web page located at:,

m. Client’s Website – a collection of web pages included under a common domain address, linked with each other via hyperlink, on which the Service or Premium Service is provided,

n. Interface – the internet application available after logging on the Portal, enabling the administration of Services or Premium Services , the detailed list of guidelines available within the framework of the Services or Premium Services is described in the user documentation, available as online assistance in the Interface,

o. Registration – an event entailing the filling out of a registration form, included on the Portal and the clicking of the 'register” button, as a result of which an e-mail containing a confirmation of the registration along with the activation link, which should be clicked to complete the registration process, is sent to the e-mail address provided,

2. The provisions included in the Regulations indicate the scope and the conditions for using the Services or Premium Services by the Client.

II. Agreement conclusion, duration, and termination.

1. The conclusion of an agreement to provide Services or Premium Services occurs at the time of the registration.

2. For the purposes of concluding the contract, the Client provides the following data in the registration process, and confirms that this data is true and accurate:
a. e-mail address,
b. password created by Client.

3. At the moment of completing the Registration, the Client declares that:
a. He/she is familiar with the content of the Regulations,
b. Expresses his/her consent for the conclusion of the contract electronically.

4. The conclusion of the service provides at the end of the Registration process.

5. The agreement is concluded for an indefinite period of time.

6. Each of the Parties has the right to terminate the contract without indicating a reason and with the maintenance of a thirty day (30 day) notice period, counted from the date of sending an e-mail including a declaration on the termination of the contract to the other Party.

7. The termination of the contract without the maintenance of a notice period takes place by virtue of the provisions of the Regulations in the cases indicated in the following provisions.

III. Manner of completing the Service or Premium Service (the performance of the service).

1. The Customer decides which Service or Premium Services he/she wants to use and when. The customer may at any time suspend Service or Premium Services by the action indicated in the specifications of the Services.

2. When the Client wants to use the Premium Services, should, after logging in, click on the picture symbolizing the Premium Service s/he would like to use and make payment in the payment module using Points collected automatically from the Client’s Wallet. In the event in which the Client does not possess an adequate number of Points in his/her Wallet, enabling the payment for the Premium Service, the Premium Service will not be activated. The Top Up of the Wallet, described in the payment module, is required.

3. In the order to use the Premium Services, Customer shall provide the following datas:
a. First and last name,
b. Full company name and NIP number, if the Client is an entrepreneur,
c. Address of the person or business address,
d. Permanent address of the natural person or the address of the registered seat of the enterprise Mailing address (only if different than above).

4. Equivalent Points can be purchased used by the Client only through the use of Premium Services. Redefine no return to Customers the value of Points purchased in cash.

5. The Client has the right to change the Service only to a more expensive Service (Premium Service) provided by Redefine. The Client conducts the exchange to a more expensive Service through the payment module, within the framework of the Portal, which is connected with the obligation to make a supplementary payment. Settlement of transactions by credit card and e-transfer is carried out through the DotPay Settlement Centre. Settlement of transactions by credit card (cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, MasterCard Electronic) is carried out via eCard.

6. If the fee payable for the use of Premium Services are not paid in time, Redefine has the right to block access to Premium Services till get the payment. If the fee is not paid within fourteen (14) days from the due date, Premium Service will be replaced free of charge Service. The customer is within the first thirty (30) day right to terminate the contract for the provision of services without notice.

7. The Client is entitled to assistance, free of charge, at the following e-mail address:

8. The service provider is obligated to provide uninterrupted and thorough service, i.e. to maintain the service at full capacity for 99% of the calendar year. The breaks in service mentioned in chap. VII, pt. 2, will not be included in the total amount of interruptions in service.

9. Redefine is obligated not to reveal the information collected from the Client’s website to any other entities.

10. In order to fully make use of the service, in particular, in order to gain access to the results generated by the provided service by means of the interface, the Client must have: a. a computer, which the Client will use to make use of the interface, that meets at least the following technical requirements:
a. an operational system; an internet browser in its most up to date version; Flash Player in its most up to date version,
b. an internet connection with a speed of at least 128 kb/s.

11. Redefine does not bear responsibility for any costs arising from the use of objects and services mentioned in pt. 10, including the purchase of equipment, software, or fees associated with making use of an internet connection.

IV. Particular dangers associated with using the service.

1. In order for the service to function properly, Redefine’s system places a short text file (hereafter referred to as a „cookie”) on the drive of the website’s visitor, which uniquely identifies the user’s computer. The cookie does not contain information allowing for the identification of a given computer’s user, therefore it does not meet the definition of personal information as defined by the Act of August 29th 1997 on the protection of personal information. Certain security systems used in home and business computers can identify the cookie as a program that tracks the user’s activity.

2. The Client is obligated to inform the users of the website, where the service is being used, of the use of cookies, as well as of the possiblity of turning cookies off in their internet browser’s settings, or of the possibility of using a service option offered by Redefine that functions by placing a cookie onto the drive of the site’s user and subsequently prevents any cookies containing the computer’s identification from being placed on the website user’s drive (so-called „opt-out cookie”). Use of „opt-out cookies” has been described at

V. The rights and obligations of Redefine.

1. Redefine reserves the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect or temporarily block access to the interface, until the causes for doing so are removed, in cases where:
a. Counting scripts containing content that is incompatible with Polish legal regulations and prevailing social norms have been installed on the website,
b. The Client makes any changes to the counting scripts that have not been authorized by Redefine,
c. Legal regulations or the rights of third persons are violated during registration, or while making use of the Service or Premium Service,
d. The Service or Premium Service is used in a manner that undermines its integrity and effectiveness, which includes actions intended to falsify statistics as a result of automatically generating hits on the serviced website,
e. The Client provides fraudulent identification information while registering the Service or Premium Service.

2. Redefine has the right to update technological resources used to provide the service, in addition to blocking access to the interface, on Wednesdays for two hours between 06:00-12:00.

3. Redefine has the right to block counting scripts from collecting information, which the Client uses in a manner that does not accord with its purpose.

4. Redefine has the right to:
a. use the Client’s website address on its reference list,
b. use the source data gathered while providing the service for the purpose of conducting analyses concerning the entire internet or a selected portion of it; the information will always be presented in an aggregated format that does not permit the reproduction of individual source data.

5. If the Client expressed their approval during registration, Redefine has the right to present and publish the serviced website’s traffic results at, in categories selected by the Client during registration, as well as in a wider listing.

6. While providing Service, Redefine has the right to conduct advertising campaigns for its customers. Advertising campaigns will be conducted with the use of available techniques for ad transmission. Redefine guarantees, and is legally liable for, the legality of the ads’ content.

7. Redefine commits not to put in advertising content disordant to the Polish law, social norms and moral.

8. Redefine has the right to transfer rights to the advertising and the rights to send commercial information to a third party under the terms of the Rules.

VI. Customer Responsibilities.

1. The Client is obligated to cite the source of information, obtained through the interface as a result of using the Service or Premium Service, when publishing such information.

VII. Liability.

1. Redefine is not liable for disruptions in the provision of Service or Premium Service caused by the incorrect installment of counting scripts on the website or on the web pages’ source code. Redefine is likewise not liable for disruptions caused by using the interface in a manner that does not comply with the instructions contained in the service’s user instructions.

2. Redefine is not liable for losses caused by the Client’s disclosure of his/her interface access password to third persons.

3. In case of damages for which Redefine is liable, such liability will not include lost profits, and will not exceed the value of one year’s payment for the Premium Service made by the Client. These limitations do not concern the Consumer.

4. The Client is solely responsible for his/her own actions or negligence made on the basis of the results of the Service or Premium Service provided.

VIII. Complaint procedure.

1. A complaint submitted by the Client as a result of faulty or inoperative Service or Premium Service, should be made in writing and should contain the following:
1. first and last name or Client’s (company) name, mailing address, name of the account under which the Service was registered, or the website’s domain address and registration date,
2. the type of Service that the complaint pertains to,
3. the essence and justification of the complaint, as well as what the Client expects Redefine to do in connection with the complaint.

2. The complaint should be sent to Redefine’s mailing address, listed in the regulations, as well as at

3. A correctly submitted complaint will be reviewed within fourteen (14) days of its reception by Redefine. The Client will be informed in writing of Redefine’s decision and justification, as well as of any actions undertaken in relation to the complaint.

IX. Personal information, consent to receive commercial information.

1. In relation to Clients that are physical persons, Redefine is the administrator of their personal information as understood by the Act of August 29th 1997 on the protection of personal information (Journal of Laws from 2002 Nr 101, pos. 926 with later amendments), and fulfills the obligations that follow from being an administrator, in accordance with the Act, taking into consideration the modifications introduced by the Act of July 18th 2002 on the electronic provision of services (Journal of Laws from 2002 Nr 144 pos. 1204).

2. Redefine declares that collection of personal data will be conducted in order to properly carry out the obligations in accordance with the Regulations and as evidence in cases of limitation in accordance with the contract.

3. Clients consent to the processing of their personal data provided during registration and data that will give in the future, the Redefine and to share their personal data to other entities cooperating with Redefine.

4. Personal data will be collected in the following areas:
a. name and surname,
b. Client's or company address,
c. correspondence address, if it's different from the address referred to above,
d. e-mail address,
e. address of Clients computer's IP.

5. Clients being physical persons are aware of the fact that they have the right to inspect their personal information that is processed, as well as the right to supplement, correct, and update such information, and the right to demand that the collection of such information be discontinued, and to object to the information’s processing.

6. Giving personal data is voluntary.

7. Redefine has the right to retain the first and last name of Clients being physical persons, for purposes of preventing their personal information from being processed for reasons stipulated by Clients’ objections.

8. The Client agrees to receive commercial information concerning Redefine’s present and future services and products, as well as Redefine’s operations, at the email address provided during the service’s registration.

9. Personal information sent through the Internet is enciphered using SSL protocol.

X. Final resolutions.

1. In matters not regulated by these regulations the following will be applied: the provisions of the Act of April 23rd 1964 – the Civil Code, the Act of August 29th 1997 on the protection of personal information, the Act of July 18th 2002 on the electronic provision of services, the Act of March 2nd 2000 on the protection of certain consumer rights as well as liability for damages caused by dangerous products, and other legal acts in effect on the territory of the Republic of Poland.

2. Redefine reserves the right to change these regulations. Changes become effective on the seventh (7th) day after the Client has been notified of such changes by email – if the Client does not terminate the agreement after becoming familiar with the new regulations. Changes to the regulations will be marked in a manner that does not create any doubts.

3. A current version of the regulations can be viewed at all times at

4. Regulations concerning consumer rights, in particular, take precedence over the provisions contained in these regulations.

5. Agreements concluded with Redefine are subject to Polish law and the jurisdiction of Polish courts.