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clickMap is a tool which facilitates graphical presentation of clicks on a website. clickMap provides you with information on the clicks on particular components of your website. These data allow you to answer the question: which parts of the website are the most attractive for the visitors and which best draw their attention.


clickMap is:

  • A tool which helps to identify the most popular areas of your website
  • A tool which allows to enhance the usefulness of the website
  • Knowledge of how most efficiently the content and the advertising components should be organized on the website
  • Information on the users' behaviour during website visits
  • Website information presented directly on its pages
  • Help in e-marketing activity
  • Verification of changes on your website
  • Assessment of advantages and disadvantages of your website


clickMap shows the website areas, which are most frequently clicked on by the users. This information helps to enhance the website and make it more transparent and user-friendly, while increasing its efficiency.

clickMap is a tool which is indispensable for each webmaster, administrator or those who care for effectiveness of their websites and increasing their websites’ usability.

It is also an invaluable source of information concerning clicking rate on a website and the visitors’ interest in its components.

clickMap is an irreplaceable tool when working on the usability of a website. It facilitates assessment of particular navigation and visual solutions.

It is an indispensable source of information for e-marketers and those in e-business.

Technical parameters:

  • One script enables to monitor all subpages
  • Measurement of clicking rate for 1000/500/1 subpages
  • No click limit
  • Max. size of the view map: 2500x2500 pixels
  • Easy start
  • Clear and intuitive interface
  • A tool integrated with every version of stat24 statistics
  • Data view selection (map of clicks, hot map)
  • clickMap works properly with pages of the fixed layout of components