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How much time will elapse before the first data are revealed?

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Pasting the scripts

Where do I download stat24 logo from?

Where do I paste stat24 logo?

How often is the Referrers bookmark updated?

How often are the statistics updated?

When will the statistics start working?

How do I paste HTML click scripts?

How do I paste FLASH click scripts?

How do I paste scripts in dynamically generated pages based on PHP or managed by means of CMS (Joomla, Mambo etc.)?

Where should I paste a HTML counting script?

Do I have to generate a counting script on each subpage of the website?

Do I have to place a counting script on each subpage of the website?

I own a FLASH website. I would like to use free statistics. Is it possible?

Why should I provide category, title and description of a website during registration?

Is it necessary to sign a contract between a client and stat24?

I own a commercial/corporate website. Can I set up free of charge statistics for this website?

How do I register stat24 account?

What versions of statistics may I choose from?


How can I go to the paid version of the free version account?

I run business activity. I would like to receive a VAT invoice? Does stat24 invoice its clients?

My billing address has changed. Is it necessary to change the entries?

What forms of payment may I choose from?

I want to extend the pay package. How to do it?

When will I receive a VAT invoice?

My correspondence address does not comply with my billing info. Where can I enter it?

What period should I pay for?

What is the basis for the payment for the Premium services?

Do I have to observe package validity period? Does stat24 notify its clients?


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How can I download / copy a counting script?

What is the maximum length of the script?

Can I remove a script?

Can I use one script several times?

What kinds of scripts are available?

Can I edit the names of scripts?

I often visit my page. Can I block my IP, so that my visits would not be counted?

Can I block counting the referrers only from one domain or subdomains as well?

Where can I block selected referrers?

How many referrers can I block?

Can I exclude from counting selected referrer websites?

Where can I block selected IP addresses?

Can I unblock previously blocked IP addresses?

How many IP addresses can I block?

Where do I get stat24 logo scripts from?

I would like to place stat24 logo on my website. Where can I find it?

Where do I paste stat24 logo?

How do I integrate the statistics with the website's CMS?

Is the data continuity maintained after the upgrade?

How do I place a counter on the website?

Where do I paste stat24 logo scripts?

What are the available formats of stat24 logo?

The url of a monitored website has been changed. Will the statistics work?

I have one website, available from several url addresses. Should I establish two statistics account?

Where may I check validity period of my statistics?

Where may I change my billing/address/mailing info?

I would like to change my contact information. What should I do?

What do I do if I forget my stat24 account password?

Can I change an incorrectly selected time zone?

Can I reset the statistics?

I have mistyped my password several times. There was a message that the account has been blocked, as a hacking attempt has been detected.

I would like to delete my account. What should I do?

Who has the access to the data about my website?

Data analysis

Why are the data presented in Quick stats and in the main interface window are different?

My screen resolution is different than the ones presented in the statistics. Does stat24 count this resolution?

What are Quick Stats?

What is the difference between the visit path and the profile path?

Why does the term 'undefined' occur in several visit paths?

Why does the most popular visit path always include the same subpages?

What does a term 'unknown' in stat24 geolocalization mean?

Are the banner advertisement clicks recorded under Referrers > Referrer Websites?

I use two statistics systems. Each of the systems presents different data. Where do discrepancies come from?

Are the pop-up advertisement clicks recorded under Referrers > Referrer Websites?

Why does the number of clicks on the sponsored links differ from data displayed in the Referrers section of the browser?

Are all visits launched via sponsored links recorder under Referrers?

Why the recent visit view is zero?

Why does the number of users differ from the number of their visits?

Why does the sum of users for each day is different than the monthly summary?

May the collected data help to identify the identity of the Internet users?

How long does stat24 store data on the monitored website?

I have a variable IP number. How may I block it?

What is the basis for stat24 geolocalization?

Is it possible to print data / interface charts?

Is it possible to copy data from the interface?

What happens if two scripts are placed on one page?

Is it possible to place several counting scripts on one page?

Why does the duration of a visit/banner or a click script is zero seconds?

I have pasted the counter code. Yet, it does not produce any data. Where did I make a mistake?

What are stat24 statistics?

I own a stat24 hosting account. the data are not counted? What should I do?

Data in Referrers sections are not counted. Do my statistics work incorrectly?

Why do I observe delay in last hour data presentation?


Can I reset clickMap data?

What does the number provided in parentheses next to an URL on the list of available pages stand for?

A map of clicks is viewed in the background of a 404 page. What is the error?

Why the clicks for these addresses are viewed separately?

How do I specify website parameters (alignment and width)?

A map of clicks is misaligned. What is the reason?

Is the clickMap script different for each subpage?

How do I install clickMap on a dynamically generated website /php?

Can I block selected IPs so as not to count clicks from these IPs?

What language versions of clickMap are available?

Which pages may I monitor with clickMap?

Do I need to sign an agreement to use clickMap?

Where can I find the terms and conditions for using clickMap?

Can I use only clickMap without placing the statistics counting script?

What is clickMap?

Can I copy data from clickMap?

When will the clickMap start working?

How often are the clickMap data updated?

Is there a page view limit in the clickMap?

How can I easily fins the address of a website, for which I want to view the map of clicks?

How many subpages can I monitor using clickMap?

I have inserted the clickMap script in the code of a page, but I can’t see the data. What is the reason?

Do I need to place a clickMap script on each subpage of the website?

How do I register clickMap?

Where should I paste the clickMap script?

Where may I download the clickMap script from?

What should I do to make clickMap work properly?

I selected a different time span, but the map did not change. Is it an error?

I can see many clicks on the right side, outside the area of the website. Is it an error?

How can I remove an URL (address) from the list presented in clickMap?


What should I do to extend my paid package?

How can I upgrade my package from free to a paid version?

I'm trying to extend validity of my package (expires in 2 weeks), but the icon 'Extend' is inactive.

How to unlock the statistics when I bought a new package and it is visible in 'Payment Module'?

How can I add statistics to my new package?


How do I add my website to the ranking?

Can I change a category of a website which has already been introduced in the ranking?

Can I assign one website to several categories?

Why despite considerable popularity, it is on the last position after changing category?

How do I remove my website from the ranking?