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Optout Cookie

Research conducted by Redefine makes use of cookie technology. Cookies permit one to identify web browsers used by internet users, distinguish new users (cookies) from returning users, group page views into a visit, create rankings of operational systems, etc.

By accepting a special OPTOUT cookie you are declaring that you do not wish to participate in research conducted by Redefine. If your web browser stores the OPTOUT cookie we will not be able to gather any details regarding your visits to the monitored web sites.

It is important to remember not to remove the OPTOUT cookie (for example, by selecting the appropriate option in the browser settings, reinstalling the browser or operating system, or using any anonimizer type programs) because only browsers with this cookie stored are not included in the research.
If the OPTOUT cookie is removed, you can accept it again.

Set cookie OPTOUT
Cookie OPTOUT added