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We are a group of young people who share a common passion i.e. the Internet and who wish to support online activities by sharing our knowledge in the field of IT, research and marketing as well as offering a toll for measuring the popularity of websites. Today, after nearly two years of dynamic growth, emerges as a renowned brand in the field of SME websites statistics. We monitor more than 1,000,000 accounts, recording as many as 2,5 billion page views per month. Our integration with Gemius SA platform, a leader in the field of Polish Internet Research, makes our statistics reliable and credible source of information, satisfying European research standards.

Engagement, professionalism and a continuous awareness of the specificity of needs of our clients enable us offering products of a unique quality and usefulness, which contributes to development of business activity on the Web and serves for increasing multi media resources. We proud of the fact that today is a symbol of credibility, reliability and easy access to useful information for so many people and enterprises.

Following our motto: 'We are on your side', we are continuously pursuing to satisfy our clients' needs and be available and helpful to them.

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